2017/07/01 – 22:00

Feldermelder Orchestra – Holy Oscillators

Belluard Bollwerk – blue Factory

Composition for a load of synthesizers

The passionate sound designer and musician Feldermelder will recover some of the hidden gems of the collection to make these synthesizers and vintage effects accessible and audible to an audience. He will test this recently to Fribourg moved collection. For this world premiere, Feldermelder combines forgotten and new technologies to an entire new orchestra in front of a spectacular setting by the old chimney located on at the BlueFactory.

A melodic soundmix made by too many instruments and paired with great ambition. Music as “Dunkel und Licht”.

SA 1.7. 22:00
60 min
Admission free / Bar

2017/07/01 – 18:00>22:00

Visit smem

Belluard Bollwerk – blue Factory

Swiss Museum and Center for electronic Music instruments (SMEM)

This incredible collection holds over 1000 objects of electronic and electromagnetical music instruments from the last fifty years: keyboards, synthesizers, pianos, organs as well as effects and studio equipment.

This one in a kind treasure was just recently moved from Basel to Fribourg and is actually in a construction phase. More than just being a museum for old instruments, the collection is conceived as an interactive platform. SMEM’s objective is therefore the usability of the instruments for onsite recordings, for concerts and festivals, for workshops aimed at musicians including activities for kids and teenagers. Located in the cellars of the former Cardinal beer brewery, this Living Archive will be accessible for the first time for guided tours in small groups.

SA 1.7. 18:00 – 22:00
durée individuelle / individuelle Dauer
entrée libre / Eintritt frei