Roland – Vocoder VP330

The Roland Vocoder VP330 is a vocoder but also has a string and a choir section.


The ARP PRODGX is a simple monophonic synth with one VCO.

Rhodes – Chroma

The Rhodes Chroma is a polyphonic monster with 16 VCOs. It was originally developed by ARP. Equipped with a Curtis CEM3350 Filter.

Pulser – Dual Voice Synthesizer

The Pulser Dual Voice Synthesizer was released in 1977. It’s a really special analog monosynth. This one is branded “Pulser” but it was also released under the name “Multivox M-75”. The aftertouch provides lots of funny possibilities. (It has a “Cat Sound” preset).

Moog – The Source

The Source was produced in 1981 by Moog. It has 2 VCOs and the Moog 24dB/oct ladder filter. It looks like a toy but the sound is really fat.